About Me

Hi, I'm Lynn! Thanks for joining me here today.

I'm a registered yoga teacher with a passion for writing. I love what my yoga practice has taught me so far, and I love that when blended with my passion for writing it becomes an even more potent tool for self-discovery! 

When I completed my yoga teacher training at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton, my vision was to create a safe and welcoming class environment for people to be able to express their own creativity, connect with self, and learn to live in the moment. On July 20, 2017 I started my own business (Windsong Writing and Wellness) offering freelance writing, writing workshops, and wellness classes that blend yoga with writing!

Backing up a bit, let me tell you more about me personally. I live in Spruce Grove, Alberta with my husband of 30+ years whom I love dearly. I recently retired from working as the payroll supervisor for the City of Spruce Grove after many years so my time is now spent camping, writing and teaching yoga. I am currently working on a juvenile fiction novel, a picture book, and a romance (three separate works, not all in one!). I also love to explore memoir and life stories (essentially I am captivated by most forms of the written word).

I love being in nature, kayaking, reading young adult fiction and a good cup of chai tea! I'm excited that you have found my little corner of the internet, and I hope that within these pages you find something that speaks to you.