January 2 - Winter 2021

The days in 2021 have been beautiful so far. Am I the only one feeling that winter hasn't arrived yet in north central Alberta? It is surreal to be in January without any major snowstorms recently. Just saying.

I'm keeping my yoga studio closed to in-person classes until at least April 1st. I have a whole range of classes being offered via Zoom. These are capped at 6 people and interactive - so you almost feel that you are in my little Studio 6. Or at least as close as I can make it.

Beauty, peace, and love are everywhere - we simply need to look. In order to look, our eyes need to be open. Not just our physical eyes - our spiritual, energetic, and heart eyes need opening as well.

Meditation can help us with that, as can journaling, stillness, nature, yoga, dance, or any kind of physical activity inside your homes or outside wherever you can.

2020 did an excellent job of recalibrating our compasses. It helped us re-ground in our lives and show us what mattered most to each of us. Now, with our feet firmly planted, we need to reach for the light and embrace the gifts of this world. Breathe in what you need. Breathe out what you don't. Plant seeds, cultivate, and watch the world around you begin to bloom.

The starter seed is within you - in your heart and your spirit - your inner spark, your inner light. Feed it with love, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion - for yourself and for others. Be the change that the world needs. Be the change that you need.

Bring your best self to the light each day. Nourish, nurture, and love. 

With love and light.