Snowy Rainy May

Spring on the prairies - snow, rain, patience. Nature is giving us what we need even though it may not look like what we want. Tulips peeking through wet snow will ultimately appreciate moisture and happily bloom when the sun warms the earth. Birds will shed their parkas and fly freely from feeder to tree, happy in their lightness. It will all be as it should be, in time.
Hard to have patience when things aren't developing as we feel they should, waiting is difficult. Frustration is hard to swallow but it serves no good purpose, I find lately.
My new mantra is GO WITH IT, whatever 'it' is. Realize that the only control I have is over my reactions. 
It's a book, have a nap, go for a walk, meditate, do something calming.
It's raining...relish in the moisture, inhale the wonderful raindrop smell, watch the earth soften as new life emerges.
It's sunny and clear...inhale the sunshine and blue sky, listen to the birdsong, feel the bliss and the warmth.
A dear friend of mine had the slogan 'Bloom where you are planted' in her shop. It's time to do just that and live in the now, no matter what 'now' looks like. 
Just be content with whatever is going on.
Breathe. Relax. Be.