Spring Forward

Spring is in our hearts, if not quite yet in our weather!
A hopeful, light, welcoming time to shed our winter woes and heavy coats, and step into the fresh lightness of longer days, warmer sunshine and rebirth.
I can't wait to jump into puddles, feel green grass on my bare feet, bury my hands in warm soil to plant my garden, and raise my face to the sun for warmth and inspiration.
I love all of the seasons - yes, even winter has a place in my heart - but spring is the most renewing. It holds the promise of summer, a time to explore, a time to revel in nature's beauty, and a time to consider what seeds we wish to cultivate in ourselves.
Lighter clothes, lighter foods, lighter thoughts. Our soul can relax and expand, loosened of winter's hold, fertile and willing to guide us to our deepest desires, manifestations and dreams.
Our heart can open to possibilities, new horizons, and even old horizons that somehow got swept under our consciousness for one reason or another.
What do you need to shed in order to spring forward? Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally? What can you pack away, and what can you sow?
Imagine the possibilities...then weave them into your life and let the universe perform magic in your life.