The Memoir Project...and More

Over the summer, I have been slowly nurturing the seeds of my fledgling business Windsong Writing & Wellness to develop ways for you and I to spend time together writing, sharing, finding stillness and reflecting. I want to help you find the you that is buried deep in your soul and see that you are beautiful inside and out just the way you are right now, in this moment.

I want to help you find and share the stories of your life - whatever they look like. Good, bad, sad, happy, angry live in all of us (if you know the movie Inside Out you know exactly what I mean! If you don't know it, go watch it. It's wonderful!) and together build the colourful mosaic of YOU. A perfect piece of art, unique, and oh so valuable.

We spend a great deal of time rushing from this to that, dealing with our children and families, coping with home and work obligations. That doesn't always leave any time for reflection, stillness, or peace.

My goal is to offer you a place of stillness, of safety and of comfort, in which you can relax, unwind and journal or write down whatever your heart desires. Through gentle short meditations, deep empowering breathing, you can give yourself the gift of quiet and respite from your everyday life.

Yoga nourishes your soul, writing nourishes your spirit, food nourishes your body, and stillness offers you the space in which to do all of those things.

We all have a story to share. Let me help you tell yours - or show you how to help someone else tell theirs.

In the next few days, I'll share the details of The Memoir Project. This is a set of four writing classes (two hours each) that will be offered in Stony Plain from Oct 19 to Nov 9. No experience is required in either meditation or writing.