A wish...is just a wish...until it's MORE

At the beginning of this year, I promised myself that this would be the year when I elevate my life and my writing life to the next level. 
It's hard to take that step into reality's harsh glare. I am a writer and inside my writing cocoon, it's warm, cozy and safe. Once my words leave me and land on the page, they are exposed to everything the world has to offer, laid bare and vulnerable. As much as I long to share my words, I am also afraid. Afraid of rejection, criticism, judgment and yes, even of success.Writers are complicated, to say the least. 
I am learning though that life is something that should not be taken for granted and opportunities need to be seized, moments acted upon and hearts followed. 
Over the past several years, I have wrestled with anxiety, stress, depression and a nagging sense that all was not right in my world. I know that many people go through similar experiences but what made mine super scary was just how black my world had become. From the outside, all looked fine, but on the inside, I felt empty and breathless and dying a little every day. It took months before I was able to ask for help. Months before I knew I needed help. Months before I realized I was sliding over an edge with no end in sight.
With my husband's support, support from my bosses, and a wonderful group of doctors, plus finding a yoga home and stillness at Be Free Yoga, I started my slow road back to what I hoped would be my normal. After two years, guess what I discovered? There is NO normal.
That meant that what I was, and am, is ME. Not normal me, or acceptable me. Just me. And that I am an amazing woman with much to share. So much so, in fact, that I could make all my wishes come true if only I dared.
A wish is just a wish...unless it has an Action Plan...which turns it into a GOAL and makes it REAL.
I want my life to be REAL. I want my writing to be REAL. I want to help people discover the own perfect amazing-ness that they already have but don't know about,  just like I did. 
I have launched my new business Windsong Writing & Wellness. In addition to continuing to work on my writing projects, I will offer writing classes, writing and wellness workshops, and in the near future, yoga classes with a journaling component. We'll explore stillness and learn to breathe, deeply, slowly and fully.
Now you know my story. I would love to help you find yours. We'll start small and work our way up, together. Stories that bind us, words that free us, in a safe and loving environment.
Wishes can indeed come true. :-)