Lost and Found

  My Action Plan is to find time for writing. Part of that includes being organized, decluttering our house and simplifying our lives.
  My husband of almost 31 years is 120% on board and over the past few months, he has been relentlessly going through our home, room by room, and together we’ve been sorting things into three categories: keep, donate, and garbage. Garbage was the last option and reserved for things that are iffy, broken, the unexplained (why did we keep this??) or those things that had simply disintegrated (various crafts and art made by our children). Donate was for anything useful, in good condition, that might be used by another human. Keep was those things we wanted to keep, with a few provisos. It had to either be used all the time or seasonally. It had to fit one of us NOW (clothes, boots, etc.), have a future purpose (toys saved for grandchildren), be any type of books (all books stay!), be something we use, or relate to something we use (stuff for the trailer, kayaks).
  Label maker in hand (yes, even the label maker is labelled!), different sizes of bins and containers at the ready, the basement, the main bathroom closet, craft room, guest room, kitchen and back hall have been perused, pondered, pitched and prettied. As our son commented when he came over last night – there’s room in the basement storage area to hold a yoga class now!
  We unearthed treasures in boxes that hadn’t been opened for years. One such gem was our collection of record albums – 396 at last count. Our turntable had long been retired and our music replaced on CD but both of us were loath to part with these albums – they represent much of our lives. They include albums from both sets of parents – Dean Martin, Broadway show tunes, Charley Pride, Roy Orbison and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. K-Tel records abound from my teenage years, 45s from the 60s, David Cassidy, Rick Springfield and T-Rex albums that forever hold their place in my heart and my memories.
  My husband had a plan. Gift card in hand, he went to The Source and purchased an Ion record player that is  battery powered and can be connected to the computer. He alphabetized the albums (much discussion was held regarding where 10 CC went, or if The J Geils Band went under J or Geils) and helped me clear a space in my writing office for the record player.
  What was lost was found – not just music, but memories and highlights from our lives.
  That is why as I write this blog today I am listening to Three Dog Night's Greatest Hits on vinyl. Three Dog Night was the very first concert I saw, in Edmonton in the early 70s. Hearing the songs bring back that night and reminds me of who I was then and who I am now. Same me, just a little older, a little wider, and a little (lot!) greyer.

  Still remember all the words to the songs though. :0)

A New Year…My Blog and an Action Plan

2017 is going to be a milestone year, I can feel it. Not only is it the Year of the Rooster, which is the same as the year in which I was born, but it is also a year filled with promise, potential and possibilities.

I am going to take my writing to a whole new level. No more procrastinating, excuses, whines or reasons. Instead of resolutions, I have an Action Plan, capital A, capital P.

My short term goals started this weekend, with more to follow at 3 months, 6 months, etc. With the help of writing friends, my path to future publication is being built, one piece of gravel at a time (not up to paved paths yet but that will come! Perhaps even my own yellow brick road…I am a Gale after all.☺)

My long term goals have been hibernating, in a secret part of my heart, for years and it’s time for them to shake off the lethargy and come into the light of day. It’s been easy for me to put things off but time is precious (and always was) and the older I get, the more I realize and appreciate the here and now.

So right here, right now, I invite YOU to join me on this journey into my imagination and onto the printed page or out into the digital world. I will blog my journey regularly and would love your company! I plan to share writing and life tips, recipes, photos, missteps and milestones as I traverse the next steps to my dream of having more published works and sharing my words with as many of you as possible.

FYI - I don’t write in any one genre – my works-in-progress include picture books (the story part, even my stick people look like, well, not sticks), middle grade reader stories, a romance and a short story anthology. Some fiction, some non-fiction, and all from my heart to you.

I’ll be adding an area where you can sign up for my mini newsletter which will contain information on potential upcoming published works, excerpts, and maybe even a free e-book or two! Coming soon...

Promise, potential and possibilities – welcome to the wonderful world of my 2017!