Heather and Evan - June 7, 2014

Last Saturday we had the honour of watching our son Evan marry the young woman he’s been in love with for the last seven years. When he was younger, I often thought about the type of woman he would marry – and I wondered how I would feel about that. His was not an easy childhood, teenage-hood or even young adulthood both for him and for us. We never gave up on him and more importantly, he never gave up on himself. I knew it would take a special person to be the love of his life – someone who was strong, gentle, loving and understanding – and who had a good sense of humour. Who knew he would find his soulmate at sixteen AND that she would not only love him back but stick around through the trials and tribulations of a maturing male?

It’s hard to be a mom – to nurture, protect and raise your children then just when you a)figure you’ve done all you can do and the rest of it is up to the universe and b)realize they are turning into a person you can actually stand to be around, someone comes and scoops them away. You have to unravel the cocoon that motherhood wove around them and let them soar into their own life, for better or for worse. Letting them be their own person is one thing, letting them go is quite another.

Heather is Evan’s perfect one true love, in every way. It wasn’t so much a case of letting our son go, but instead welcoming a beautiful young woman into our family and our hearts. That made it all so much easier, especially from a mother’s point of view.

Parents want the best for their children, and in Heather, Evan has found the best for himself. Step aside Brangelina, we have Heavan – the perfect blend of Heather and Evan – truly a match made in heaven.