Ruggedly Handsome...

A few weeks ago my husband and I had the pleasure of attending Comic-Con in Calgary. After years of watching Big Bang Theory and hearing the guys wax poetic on San Diego’s event, we discovered through our nephew Alex that Calgary had been hosting their own event for years. We aren’t Trekkies or huge Sci-Fi followers but we love interesting adventures. The 3-Day passes were sold out but Sunday passes remained. I was perusing the celebrities who were attending and wasn’t Edmonton’s very own ruggedly handsome Nathan Fillion doing photo ops that very day. A quick text to the hubby at work garnered a ‘sure, we can go’ and a few clicks and a credit card later, we were the proud owners of two one-day passes AND a photo op with Nathan Fillion –aka Malcolm Reynolds and Rick Castle. Serenity and Firefly are household favourites – the series was sadly short-lived, it’s true, but lives on in infamy due to incredible casting, original storylines and of course, the irresistible Mr. F. Castle has been a mainstay for the past few years and continues to charm even after five seasons.

As Comic-Con newbies, we were in for a few surprises. One – the number of attendees was mind-blowing. Two – the professional organization and seamless management of said attendees was astonishing. And three – just wow! As a writer, I love anything that feeds my imagination or gets my creative flow happening – well, between the costumes, vendors and celebrities, Comic-Con was a virtual mecca of inspiration and passion. There was something for everyone, and even things you never knew you always wanted. We were there for over an hour happily milling through the trade show before we looked at a program then realized that autograph sessions had been running since the doors opened at 10. Racing to Nathan’s table, we discovered hundreds of people in line and the access stopped. We were advised to try again at noon but told that that we couldn’t loiter. So we semi-loitered and success was at hand when I managed to make my way into a second batch of folks being admitted just after noon. Forty minutes later, I was selecting my Malcolm Reynolds photo for Nathan to sign then staring into the eyes of none less than Nathan Fillion himself. Thanks to a year of Toastmasters, I was able to keep my composure to blurt out “You really are ruggedly handsome!” to which he replied “And you are…absolutely right!” which made us both laugh. Later that day, I met him again for our photo op – me and a thousand of my closest new acquaintances – he graciously smiling over and over again for the camera.

In between, we walked with Iron Man, Spiderman and every other superhero you can imagine, tried out medieval weapons, marvelled at the pure talent of graphic artists, met authors and comic book legends. There was not one single fight, no hassles between anyone, even though all of these different demographics of people and passions were converged in one place, in one space. It was a place to be yourself, to follow your passions, to believe in fantasy and dreams, if only for a weekend.
It was truly amazing. And yes, Nathan Fillion truly is even more ruggedly handsome that he appears on TV. I’m hoping he’ll be there next year…I know I will! All I can say is - thank goodness for understanding husbands. J