Starry Starry Night

Today the afternoon sun actually held some warmth, true spring sunshine. Even though we’ve had some snow lately, knowing that April is just over three weeks away lifts our hearts. Springtime beckons, slightly out of reach but well within the realm of hopefulness.

Last night the full moon coasted behind a thin veil of cloud but tonight it is bright and clear, in a deep blue sky rimmed by wispy clouds. The stars softly twinkle and the air is thick with the promise of a new season just around the corner, laden with endless possibilities.

As the world thaws, our senses tingle with anticipation. Everything smells better after being encased in winter’s deep freeze, preserved and perfect. Colors seem more vibrant, sounds clearer and sharper as Technicolor images replace the sepia trails of winter’s stark beauty.

A softer time is at hand, a time of renewal, of hope. Soon the rains will come and mingle with the sunshine, coaxing life from the earth as winter melts into spring. While there are a few weeks left of winter’s lingering farewell, this starry night gives us a glimpse of what is to come. Sparkling spring days, long lazy hazy days of summer and endless evenings of the moon and stars.

Oh starry starry night.