Christmas Eve

Another clear and beautiful Alberta morning dawns. Although it is scant this winter, the thin layer of white snow sparkles in the sunlight, bringing to mind the picturesque scenes that Christmas cards are famous for.

It’s Christmas Eve 2011…full of the breathless excitement and anticipation that the day before a big event is famous for. Like the days leading up to a birthday or New Year’s, the days before Christmas are filled with the hustle and bustle of shopping, of choosing gifts for those we love, of baking, of eating. Most of all, these days are full of remembering the people in our lives who matter to us, past and present.

Our daughter’s birthday is Christmas Day and for a number of years, we have celebrated her birth on Christmas Eve so that she gets a separate celebration for both. She is home for the holidays – time to catch up on her busy life and her on ours (although ours doesn’t change much) before she leaves again for her home on the other side of the country.

Our son is still at home and although we connect daily, Christmas affords us the time to slow down and take time to reconnect and remember, build new memories and enjoy time spent together.

The tree is laden with gifts, waiting for tomorrow morning. The fridge is stuffed with food to be enjoyed at leisure and Christmas songs and movies abound, filling our hearts with yuletide joy.

Love overflows, spilling onto friends and family, connecting the past with the present. That is the true gift of Christmas – reminding us of who we love and where possible, bringing our loved ones together – in spirit if not in physical presence - and always in our hearts.

Christmas Eve is the pause…the indrawn breath…the seeing, knowing and believing in the magic of Christmas and the power of love.

May your own Christmas Eve be bright and your Christmas Day be merry and filled with love.

“God bless us, every one” Tiny Tim, from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens