A Gift of Time

A number of years ago, my sister and I were having a conversation about time and how it always seemed to be in short supply. For my birthday that year, she remembered that conversation and presented me with an hourglass filled with one hour’s worth of pretty blue sand. The note in the card said that anytime I needed a moment for myself – to write, to think, to relax, even simply just to slow down and be – that I was to use the hourglass and give myself that much needed hour.  In essence she gave me a gift of time.
For the first few years, I found myself sneaking that hour on a weekly basis.  I would close my door and immerse myself in a peaceful sixty minutes of whatever I chose to do that week – read, write, listen to music, just to breathe.  It felt special and because it was sanctioned by my sister and supported by her note, I allowed myself to use the gift to the nth degree.
As time has gone on, I realize that the gaps between my stolen moments and reality are getting longer and longer. It has probably been at least a year since I last snuck away from the everyday into an hour just for me.  Not that I haven’t had time to myself but somehow the hour peacefully counted down by falling grains of blue sand brought me a much higher level of contentment and enjoyment.
Perhaps because it was found time. Or maybe because it was like a pause in my hectic life, granted to me through my sister’s insight in providing me with something my psyche needs but won’t regularly permit. Or even because it was a gift of love and caring.
I realized today that it is the last day of September and for the first time this month, I have been able to sit and think and breathe. To savour the moment and be present.
Tomorrow I will dust off my hourglass and set it in the sunshine.  I will make a cup of tea and settle into my comfy chair with a cat and turn the hourglass.  As the sand flows lightly through the centre, I will drink my tea and listen to my soul. Just for an hour…..my gift of time….one of my most cherished possessions.
The best gift in the world….the gift of time.