Sam’s and Hot Soup…

Been feeling lousy all week. Not sure if it’s a cold trying to start, the flu or just a case of being a little run down but every one of my 2000 body parts (according to the Lever soap commercials!) has ached since Sunday. Not getting worse nor getting better, just holding the same level of lousy.

Today’s remedy was hot soup at Sam’s, suggested by my sister. Seriously. Sam’s is a small café on McLeod Avenue, open only during the week. They make delicious homemade soups, decadent salads and a London Fog latte to die for (even when made with soy for those of us who may be lactose intolerant). The atmosphere is homey and the welcome genuinely warm.

The soup wasn’t the chicken soup recommended by 2 out of 3 moms for a cold but it was a hearty rib sticking split pea and ham, accompanied by a whole grain bun and fruit salad. Gently coating my sore throat, warming the cockles of my heart (I presume you can say cockles in mixed company?) and generally nurturing my malaise and my spirit all in one shot.

Sunshine poured through the picture window, people on the avenue bustled by busy with their own lives and I meandered over my fragrant broth, inhaling wellness in every mouthful.

Sated and replete, I strolled back to work. My body parts still ached but a little less loudly.

Sam’s and hot soup….a sure remedy for what ails you. Sunshine, even on a rainy day.