If it's almost September, we must need new school supplies...

Ah, the smell of new loose-leaf, freshly sharpened pencils and new markers. It brings back memories of not only my own childhood but my children’s childhoods too. 

Doesn’t seem that long ago that our oldest child started school. Four years old, with braided pigtails and a brand new Little Mermaid backpack.  She’s still in school, but now it’s graduate school for her master’s degree. Her backpack is from MEC and although the Little Mermaid has long been replaced by real marine creatures, I can still see her sunny face as she headed out that first September morning.  

When our youngest child went to school, he too had a new backpack and sunny grin but of course, no braided pigtails. He did have a fresh back-to-school haircut that provided a nice white line between his summer tan and his newly shorn head. His backpacks changed each year too – Star Wars, Power Rangers, whatever the current trend was at the time – but his sunny grin was the same every September.

I am taking a class this fall so the one who gets new school supplies this year is me. While I do have a laptop, Netbook and iPad, there is something about the smell of real paper whether it is notebooks or loose-leaf that strikes a chord with me. It just isn’t school without new pencils, a brand new sharpener and a clean notebook, just waiting to be filled with knowledge, scribblings or whatever takes my fancy.

Some things never change…now I just need to pick a backpack. :-)