These lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Remember when we were kids and summers seemed to last forever? Hot, lazy days spent at the lake, camping, swimming, walking and fishing. Cool rainy days also spent at the lake, playing board games or penny poker, making tie-die t-shirts and other artsy projects with the Cold Lake art kids. The days were long as if time stood still for us to savour each and every sunshine or raindrop filled second.

As the years have gone by, it’s as if the hands of time are spinning faster and faster. Days seem shorter, nights even more so and weekends seem merely a blur. Even with spending our Saturdays in search of the best lemon pie in the area and consciously trying to live in the moment, time is still getting the better of us.

Our lazy, hazy, crazy days of summers past have been replaced by muggy, buggy  - and did I mention buggy? – days of summer present. Our wonderful hot days this year have been accompanied by small daytime biting mosquitoes that have put pause in our step and caused a small cramp in our usual summer stride. But fear not, we are Albertans and made of heartier stock than that! We do not go out with a whimper but instead don our protective cloak of bug repellent then tiptoe carefully outside and hope the bugs don’t hear us coming!

It’s already the middle of July and fall clothes are making their way into local shops.  We need to make our summer sing and sparkle and shimmer so that when we think back to it in the dead of winter (and we will!), it will be rife with memories of hot and lazy days. Bugs be darned, we've got to make the most of every single moment, every single drop of sunshine, every single drop of rain. Breathe deeply, live slowly, savour completely. Maybe that way, time will slow down a bit and let us catch up.

Just don’t forget the bug spray!