O Canada, O Perfect Day

Today was one of those rare and beautiful perfect days.  Not just because of the weather although the sun was shining, the sky was Alberta blue and the breeze light enough to still be a breeze but strong enough to keep the bugs away but also because for a few scant moments, the world was in harmony.

Visited the St Albert Farmer’s Market and it was amazing. Crowds of happy people just like us, out and about enjoying the day and what it had to offer. Delicious smells, wonderful street music and lots of wares to sample and buy. Came away with peppers, green onions, Thai pesto, fresh bread and a freshly baked pie. Oh and icy cold freshly squeezed lemonade to quench our thirst.

Hiked for 10K along the Sturgeon River, enjoying the songs of the birds mixed in with the sounds of summer. Everyone was pleasant, happy to be out in the fresh air, lapping up the sunshine and warmth. Leaves rustled as the wind wove in and out of the branches, lush greenery telling the story of our rainy spring that has blossomed into enchanting summer.

All in all, a perfect day. Thank you, Canada and Alberta. Proud to be Canadian and proud to call Alberta home.