Rainy Days and Lemon Pie

It’s been raining for several days in a row and it’s hard not to succumb to a sense of gloom. Unlike falling snow, it’s not fun being outside in pouring rain – unless you’re at the lake. Swimming during a soft rain can be quite wonderful.

When we were kids, rainy days weren’t disappointments as much as opportunities to do other activities. Even when camping, the rain meant enjoying inside games such as Monopoly, Clue, Uno and Rumoli. At home, it meant movies on TV, reading books while wrapped in a warm blanket and mugs of tea or hot chocolate. It didn’t ruin plans so much as redirect them.

As adults, we tend to sigh at rainy days as if to dismiss them as being unworthy. We forget to embrace the opportunity they offer. Of course, going to our day jobs will happen whether rain, snow or shine but on weekends, we are disappointed if the weather is not sunny and fair. We hope that next weekend will be better and so on and so on.

This weekend, we finally remembered to embrace our inner child and enjoy the day we were given. Donning raincoats, we went about our day, just as planned. Like wet dogs, we gently shook ourselves dry at each stop, and ended up in a delightful cafe in Glenora. We gratefully downed delicious hot soup and fragrant fresh baked buns while the rain pelted the cafe windows. The crowning glory was a piece of decadent lemon meringue pie, shared in comfortable companionship before braving the rain for our next adventure.

How did we forget to take each day as it came and make the best of whatever it had to offer?

Perhaps the more important question is why on earth didn't we see sooner what we were doing? We finally understand that it’s not about what the day can offer us….it’s about what we can offer the day.
Actually it’s all about the pie….and my oh my, what wonderful pie! Maybe next weekend, it'll rain again....:-)