i to the e: Stepping out of my comfort zone…

This has been an interesting week for me as I needed to step out of my small ‘i’ introvert personality and into a small ‘e’ extrovert personality for two separate occasions.

The first was work related. The national CPA payroll conference was held this year in Edmonton at the Shaw Conference Centre.  It involved that ‘n’ word that strikes deathly fear into the hearts of introverts across the county. Yes, I do mean ‘networking’.  J

In my job, I deal with lots of people. However, this is usually on the phone or via email and occasionally in my office.  At conferences, you have to talk to people face-to-face ALL THE TIME. Yikes! Fortunately for me, there were usually enough big E extroverts around to carry the load, allowing the rest of us to be hangers on instead of initiators, at least most of the time.

The second was in my personal life but the fear it struck in my heart was as daunting as the aforementioned networking, if not more.

Sunday night was the launch of the Spring 2011 issue of Other Voices who have done me the honour of publishing my second short story Red Passion No. 9. I was given the opportunity to read my story aloud to an audience who were neither my family nor the protective cocoon of my Tuesday Night Writers.

On the one hand, I really looked forward to sharing my work. On the other hand, it meant speaking in front of a group. Double yikes! Gave a whole new meaning to the words 'big gulp'!

It turned out that I read first which kept my nervousness to a minimum. Speaking into a microphone was much less stressful than I'd imagined and the audience was receptive and appreciative to all of us who shared our work. It was SO much fun!

Thank you, Aspen, Erinne, Danielle and the rest of the terrific volunteers from Other Voices. The Untitled Bookstore is a real find (can't wait to go back and buy more books) and the whole evening was simply fabulous.

Now I have to write more stories so they can get published and I can do it all again!