On Being a Mom

There is no school that you go to to learn how to be a mom or a dad - basically, when you find out you are going to be one, you read everything you can so you know how to do it properly. You swear you'll never make the same mistakes your parents did - with your own kids, it will be different because you know what you are doing. Then your baby arrives and from day one, you realize you haven't got a clue and basically you wing it from there, one day at a day. You put your heart and soul into it and hope it's enough.
Over the years I have received many Mother's Day presents, breakfasts in bed and wonderful cards. While they are all special, my favourites are from when our son and daughter were small. As I unwrapped the tissue (okay, it was really 'as I opened the Shoppers Drug Mart bag'), I discovered a package of Teddy Grahams and a juice box - apple, of course. Two small faces shone with joy as we shared my presents - two of their favourite things that they believed with all their hearts that I would love because they did. Fingers sticky with juice were placed on my cheeks as they gave me sweet kisses and mumbled 'appy mubbers day'.
Now those children are grown up and don't eat Teddy Grahams or drink apple juice. Their gifts are also grown up and reflective of the wonderful adults they have become. So sometime, if you catch me in Safeway in the cracker aisle, with tears in my eyes and a Teddy Graham box in my hand, you'll know why. They remind me of the sweet innocent love that only children can give you - the true gift of being a mother. Thanks for the memories, my beautiful children. Love you forever. XXXOOO