Life is too short to be ordinary….

My sister and I have a tradition of sending each other packages every few months, filled with treasures that we gather as we go about our days. It’s such a wonderful treat to get one of these parcels especially on a gloomy day or if life is being especially dreary.
We find or make funny or thoughtful cards and write each other letters. Although I love email and texting, I must say that nothing beats a handwritten note from someone to help you feel connected.
Last month was no exception to this tradition. Lip gloss in funky containers, brightly coloured summer socks, a couple of books with interesting titles – Murder by the Glass and Murder Uncorked (Wine Lover’s Mysteries – how fun!). Sets of greeting cards made by artist friends, summer themed earrings and sparkly bracelets add a thoughtful and fashionable touch. Each time I use or wear one of these little gifts, I think of my sister.
The card had the caption ‘Life is too short to be ordinary’, showing a pair of feet in glittery thongs, each a different colour with big flowers adorning the tops and shiny nail polish tipping each toe. It made me smile and reading my sister’s letter made me smile even more.
It’s a small thing to do something nice for someone else but brings immense joy to both the giver and the recipient. We have been sending each other these packages for years and neither of us ever tires of either the thrill of gathering the items we send or opening the shoe box, awaiting the surprise of what is tucked inside the tissue.
It’s an extraordinary way to connect, to share our day to day lives and to keep our sisterly karma flowing.
I am grateful for this sharing and even more grateful for my sister.
She makes my life less ordinary.