Everyday Fairy Tales Or How Dreams Really Can Come True

Last Friday, Wills and Kate got married in a fairy tale extravaganza. Like millions of other die hard romantics, I must admit I watched the wedding, admired her dress and envied her the dream come true of marrying a prince. Hopefully she has other dreams that will also come true (although not all, perhaps, in such a grandiose fashion).
It got me thinking about dreams, passions and yes, even princes.

This month, I get to realize a few of my own dreams.

Dream #3: Writing. A short story I wrote last year is going to be published in Other Voices Spring 2011 issue. My secret dream for my whole life has been to become a published author. Each time I took a few steps forward, I also took a few steps back as life got in the way (and I let it!).  Now I am pursuing my passion and it is slowly bearing fruit.

Dream #2, Parts A & B: Hawaii and Swimming.  I used to love swimming but over the years, I developed a chronic sinus/middle ear situation that would flare up every time I went into a pool, ocean, lake or basically any body of water (including my own shower if the water hit my ear the wrong way). Two years ago, my husband and I fulfilled Part A of this dream when we visited Hawaii’s Big Island on our first vacation alone since we’d had our kids 22 years ago. We were able to snorkel because I had discovered custom ear plugs (blue!) which prevented the ear infections but I still had sinus problems while using goggles.  On our second trip last year, I purchased a prescription snorkel mask that covers eyes and nose and enables me to see underwater – a double bonus. In a writing spa earlier this year, I wrote about swimming and how much I missed it. I mentioned that I enjoyed at least being able to snorkel. One of the other writers asked me why I didn’t swim with my snorkel mask. AHA moment and hello, Part B of my dream! Now my purple snorkel mask, blue ear plugs and dear husband accompany me to the pool every other night to swim lengths. Felt silly the first few times but quickly got over that when I realized it was the perfect solution to eliminating my sinus/ear problems and therefore allowed me the pleasure of swimming.

Dream #1: My very own prince. Yup, got me one of those too. This month will mark our 25th wedding anniversary and I can honestly say that being loved by someone unconditionally is one of the greatest gifts people can give each other. While this man can irritate me in a heartbeat, he also surprises me with his gentleness, caring and insight on a regular basis. He has always believed in me even when I haven’t believed in myself and I am very blessed to have him in my life.

So while my life may not be the fairy tale that Will and Kate are living, it does have magic, love and happy endings...and all I had to do was believe.