Crazy for You….to the man I love and have loved for more than 25 years…

Yes, after all these years, I am still crazy for you. Or crazy because of you. Or something like that. J
Twenty five years ago in this very city, on this date, you and I were married in a lovely garden ceremony at the home of our friends Keith and Heather. It was a hot, sunny Saturday with temps well over 30 degrees C. While our guests were in shorts and summer dresses, we were in our wedding finery, exchanging our vows in front of family and friends.
Feels like yesterday. Feels like forever ago. I can’t remember when you weren’t part of my life, my heart, my soul.
It’s like marriage has melded us together invisibly as well as visibly. We may not wear matching Cpl’s Club jackets but our psyches match as do our hearts. Corny but true.
You are my better half, my foundation, my rock. You inspire me, encourage me, infuriate me and irritate the heck out of me. I am sure these feelings are completely mutual!
Yet I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Even before we were married, you were part of my life, my memories, and my past. There is more of my life with you in it than without you – that alone is something to marvel at, to cherish and to hold close.
You believe in me more than I believe in myself and you have never wavered in your confidence in my abilities. I hope that I have given you some of that back, if only in a small way.
Together we have our children and the life we have forged and honed. Our future looms ahead of us, bright, shining, and waiting to be discovered. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else. When I look in your eyes, I see our life together reflected there and it feels like home.
Happy 25th anniversary, honey.  I love you. Here's hoping we have 25 more....