Why I write...

I write because
  • it calms me and helps me to centre myself
  • it realigns my chih
  • it connects me to the world, to other people
  • it silences the negative energy around me
  • it makes me listen
  • it makes me realize
  • it makes me remember
  • it makes me feel
  • it makes me whole
Sometime I don't write because
  • I think I don't have time
  • I am too lazy to bother
  • I forget how it makes me feel
  • I feel empty of words
  • I am tied in knots inside that are too tight to loosen
  • I blend into the life around me
  • I am not grounded
  • my mind won't be still
  • I worry what people will think of my words
  • I fade to grey and then to black....