More about Tuesday Night Writers

It has been my privilege the past few years to belong to a wonderful writing group that meets weekly in my local library and throughout the year in ‘writing spas’. The group has almost always been just women (we did have one male member who brought an interesting perspective to our writing). The insights we experience about each other and ourselves have been truly enlightening.
There is something powerful about groups of women. The energy in the room becomes almost palatable as we weave our words into tapestries and mosaics. With only the rare exception, we leave in a far better state of mind than when we start each week.
Each of us brings our own needs, writing styles and creative colour to the blend. Even when given the same prompt or image to work from, the resulting words are at once individual yet also a startling culmination of our combined energies. Hearts are opened honestly, privacy and personal borders are respected yet the sharing helps us to grow, to bond and to heal where necessary. It is a safe place where just the act of writing down words too personal sometimes to share acknowledges their truth and frees our souls. We emerge replenished, restored and rejuvenated.
We are all different, yet all the same.  Brought together in the common goal of sharing words we have begun to share our lives and build friendships.
What a wonderful way to spend an evening: an amazing and worthwhile adventure where we are finding sisterhood while also finding ourselves.