The last weeks of winter are always so hard to get through. Seemingly endless days of grey, overcast skies, mounds of dirty crystallized snow, puddles and ice mixing into a slippery cocktail that coats the sidewalks and roads.
Winter’s beauty is long past, her coat patched and threadbare but hanging on nonetheless. The birds are returning, their songs echoing through the frosty mists but the earth sleeps on, shrouded by the dregs of a season reluctant to depart.
As the days slowly lengthen, the cold will eventually surrender to the warmth of spring. Soon, hopefully, the birds can cheerfully herald winter’s demise as the sun breathes life back into the frozen earth so its song can be heard one more time.

Cupcake Day

In the seniors' manor where my mom lives, they have a wonderful tradition - once a month, iced cupcakes are distributed to every resident in the complex. What a delicious idea!  Many of these seniors are on their own, no longer bake for themselves and get few visitors.  A luscious cupcake, delivered with a smile, is sure to brighten their day even if they don't wish to eat it but only to gaze upon its succulent beauty.
A dollop of glorious sweet icing adorning a fluffy light melt in your mouth concoction, a sprinkle of chocolate or rainbows lightly nestled on billowing folds of cloudlike softness. A treat for the soul, the eyes and of course the palate should one wish to partake of the sweet confection.
Just think how lovely the world would be if everyone, everywhere could have their own cupcake day.

Tuesday Night Writers

Each Tuesday night, a group of writers meet at the Spruce Grove Public Library to write, share and learn. Over the years, our numbers have grown and we have opened our hearts to each other with our writing.